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Commercial Real Estate Matchmaking and Problem Solving

Since 2007, Cat Consulting has brought out the best in commercial real estate spaces in the midwest and beyond through intention, connection and purpose.

We’re dedicated to changing the conversations around leasing strategies to build mutually beneficial relationships.

In The Mix

Broadening the presence of innovative Black-owned enterprises in downtown Indy

GANGGANG’S “In The Mix” is an initiative designed to create avenues for Black-owned creative businesses to initiate or grow their retail presence in downtown Indianapolis and other significant commercial areas.

Led by Cat Consulting’s Catherine Esselman in equal partnership with Anthony Murdock II, Esselman utilized her expertise in commercial real estate to craft and negotiate agreements between landlords and established Black-owned enterprises to bring this opportunity to life.

Commercial real estate is the family business. My siblings and I grew up driving around, looking at vacant buildings and talking through what they could be. Now, I get to help turn those dreams into reality, in our communities and neighborhoods.

—Catherine Esselman


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